You might even find safety records posted online that can reassure

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  The American Southwest is a popular travel destination that draws in millions of people each year. The unrivaled beauty of the desert, the unique terrain, and the fascinating history of the Wild West are some of the reasons for the region's allure. The natural beauty of the land is truly breathtaking, and one of the best ways to experience as much of the region as you can is on a helicopter tour that departs from Las Vegas.The RimsTouring by helicopter allows you to take in many interesting sights that start as soon as your chopper lifts off. The tours out of Vegas head to the Grand Canyon, which is an amazing thing to see all by itself. The West Rim of the canyon is in Nevada, so it isn't too far from the city of Vegas. A Grand Canyon helicopter tour out of Vegas gives you a unique perspective of the land below.

You'll enjoy spectacular panoramic views that are not possible to experience when you tour the canyon on foot or by car, even if you visit one of the popular lookout points.Your Grand Canyon helicopter tour passes Traction Passenger Elevators Company over other interesting sights on the way from Las Vegas such as Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. Since these landmarks are situated along the flight path to the canyon, most of the tours out of Vegas give you a bird's eye view of these impressive landmarks as well. Lake Mead is known for being a popular recreation spot in the desert, and its size and beauty is a stark contrast to the arid desert landscape that surrounds it. It is worth seeing as is Hoover Dam, which is an immense structure and a testament to astounding engineering and human accomplishment.Vegas StripSome of the helicopter tours also come with a flight over the Vegas Strip.

Taking this tour at dusk or when it is dark is an amazing experience because the neon lights set the sky ablaze with color and light. There are several tour options you can choose from including a quick hop to the canyon and a romantic champagne tour as well as the aerial view of the Strip. The famous resorts in Vegas have unique and interesting designs, so the Strip is a sight to behold from the air, even if it is a daytime tour.Grand Canyon helicopter tours can be upgraded to include side adventures too. It's the best of both worlds because you get to experience an amazing helicopter flight over the canyon as well as outdoor adventures all on the same tour.

You could add on a walking tour, a boat ride along the base of the canyon, or even a fun picnic.CostThere are various prices for these tours depending on the type of tour you pick and the upgrades you add, but you may be surprised at how affordable they are. At any rate, an unforgettable experience is well worth a few hundred dollars. Plus, it's possible to find some nice discounts offered by tour operators that lower the cost depending on when you take your tour.You can find more information about the various tours out of Las Vegas by looking at the tour operators' websites.

You might even find safety records posted online that can reassure you about the safety of the aircraft you'll be flying on. The best thing about looking up the tour operators' websites is that you can book your tour yourself and pay for it online so you'll be good to go when the day of your tour arrives.ConclusionJust plan your tour ahead of time rather than waiting until you arrive at your vacation destination in the southwest. If you'll be that close to the canyon or to Vegas, you'll definitely want to include a helicopter tour in your itinerary. It could very well be the highpoint of your entire trip as well as being an experience you'll never forget.

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